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Our company is specially invited to attend the 16th International Chromium & Nic

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2019 China ferroalloy online 16th international chromium-nickel product summit

Luoyang Longxin Burden Co., Ltd. was specially invited to attend the meeting. The general manager of sales and the marketing manager of the foreign trade department of our company went to Zhuhai to attend the meeting.

Located in the southern part of Guangdong Province, Zhuhai is a famous garden-style coastal city, connected to the waters of Hong Kong in the east and the land of Macao in the south. It is one of the earliest special economic zones established in China.On March 7, 2019, the 16th China Ferroalloy Online International Chromium and Nickel Summit was held in Pullman Zhuhai.

On the afternoon of 13:00 PM,Shanghai Shanghai International Co., Ltd., Wulanchabu XiongEverbright New Materials Co., Ltd., Qingshan Holding Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Risheng Zhibo Metallurgy Co., Ltd., Runtianlong International Co., Ltd., Wuhan Tianyu Zhicontrol Technology Co., Ltd., Pacific Exim PvtRepresentatives of Ltd, zhejiang friendship new materials, shandong high speed logistics international, mingcheng tianhua international trade, China aviation international mineral resources and so on arrived at the scene and completed the sign-in one after another.

The chromium and nickel trade fair was held at the same time. The enterprise representatives with full enthusiasm made full use of the platform provided by the summit to have a detailed discussion with prospective customers on the spot, and continuously explore potential customers, so as to bring more business opportunities for the expansion and growth of the enterprise business.

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