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The development of electrode paste industry in difficulty requires improvement i

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  • Posttime:2020-09-09
Electrode paste is a product of carbon products, also known as self-baking electrode, mainly used for thermal-type calcium carbide, ferroalloy, silicon calcium alloy, ferromanganese alloy and other electric furnace as conductive materials, is the heart of the normal work of electric furnace.
Electrode paste is a conductive material for ferroalloy furnace, calcium carbide furnace and other electric furnace equipment.The electrode paste can withstand high temperature and has small coefficient of thermal expansion.With a relatively small resistivity, can reduce the loss of electrical energy.
According to the new thought world industry research center released the 2019-2023 China electrode paste product market analysis of the feasibility study report, according to the stable development of metallurgical industry in our country, the demand for electrode paste are relatively stable, at present in terms of electrode paste consumption, consumption of calcium carbide industry, occupying about 75% of the total output of electrode paste.From the perspective of the development of calcium carbide industry, the cumulative output of calcium carbide from January to May in 2019 reached 10.8 million tons, with a year-on-year growth of 0.23%. It can be seen that the development of calcium carbide industry is relatively stable, which is conducive to the development of electrode paste industry.
In the process of calcium carbide production, the quality of electrode paste will have a certain influence on the electrode accident and the quality of raw materials of calcium carbide. High quality electrode paste products can not only bring economic benefits, but also play a huge role in limiting the various energy consumption of calcium carbide production.Therefore, the growth of the electrode paste market demand in the future will be greatly related to its quality. In order to promote the growth of the electrode paste demand, the electrode paste industry will develop to the high-end in the future.
In the production of electrode paste, the main raw materials for the production of electrode paste are coke, asphalt, roasting crushed, etc. The above raw materials have good electrical conductivity, oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance, and are the preferred materials for the production of electrode paste.However, due to the strict environmental regulation at present, energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection have become the focus of industrial development. Therefore, the development of electrode paste industry has been attached great importance to by the government.With the increasing efforts of the government to clean up and rectify the electrode paste, more domestic enterprises have carried out maintenance on production machines, the capacity of electrode paste is gradually reduced, and the cost is constantly rising. In the future, the electrode paste will also face the pressure of rising prices.
In order to ensure the development of electrode paste industry, manufacturers in the industry need to replace raw materials.With the replacement of raw materials, the cost and quality of electrode paste will increase.In the short term, the transformation of electrode paste will cause great fluctuations in the market demand, but in the long term, high quality, high price and high environmental protection are the inevitable direction of the development of China's electrode paste industry.
Xinsi industry analysts said that electrode paste is widely used in the calcium carbide industry, so driven by the rapid development of the calcium carbide industry, electrode paste industry has a good development prospect.However, due to the influence of environmental protection policies in recent years, the electrode paste needs to be replaced with raw materials in the future, so as to promote the electrode paste industry to develop towards high quality.
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