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Determination method of height of cold ramming paste

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Cold pounded paste has its own precise density, so in this, we can see that the knowledge learned is actually very rich, no matter from what aspect, the characteristics of cold pounded paste is distributed in the middle, what is the height of cold pounded paste to determine the method?Xiaobian today to explain to you.
The height of cold ramming paste refers to the height from the top of the electrode clip to the top of the electrode paste.If the electrode paste is too high, the coarse and fine particles in the cold ramming paste are prone to delamination, or the electrode cylinder is broken due to the high paste column pressure. If the electrode paste column is too low, it is difficult to obtain dense electrode because the paste column pressure is too small and the filling ability is poor.Cold pasting consumes too fast.Appropriate electrode paste column height is beneficial to improve the quality of electrode roasting and reduce consumption.
Good quality sintered electrode can be obtained by controlling the height of electrode paste, which is controlled by various manufacturers according to the actual situation.The electrode diameter of 25500kVA calcium carbide furnace is 1250mm, and the height of electrode paste should be controlled between 3.5-4.0m.
Measuring method of height of cold ramming paste:
The tool used to measure the height of electrode paste is a hemp rope with a 100mm*50mm150mm ball made of melted electrode paste tied to one end of the rope. The rope is about 10m, and marks are made every 200mm.
Is the distance (measured value) from the top of the electrode cylinder to the base of the pressure discharge cylinder (the upper edge of the electrode cylinder jacket), mm;B is the height (measured value) of the empty cylinder of the electrode cylinder mm;C is the electrode paste height (calculated value). Generally, the value of C is 3500-4000mm.D is the height of electrode paste liquid, generally D value is 1000-1500mm;L is the working length of the electrode, from the low ring to the electrode end about 1800-2000mm (the L value of the internal combustion furnace is about 1500-1800mm).
The calculation formula of the height of cold ramming paste (mm) is as follows:
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