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Electrode paste promotes the "great development" of the carbon industry

The carbon industry is an important raw material industry in the country, and its products involve various industries such as steel smelting, aluminum electrolysis, ferroalloys, calcium carbide, industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus smelting, aerospace, and automobile manufacturing. In recent years, it has been affected by low-level redundant construction, overcapacity, fierce homogenization competition, national policies, and other factors, resulting in a sluggish overall development of the industry and difficulties. Under heavy pressure, Luo Hongcai, as a leading technology expert in the industry, took the development of emerging technologies such as big data and cloud computing as an opportunity to effectively combine emerging technologies with traditional technologies in the carbon industry, driving the transformation of enterprise technology innovation, equipment upgrading, energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development, making the enterprise a leading force in industry competition, and actively promoting the efficient and high-quality development of the carbon industry economy.

Small changes and big changes, determined to innovate and promote development

The raw materials used in the production of carbon products are waste residues from the petrochemical and coal chemical industries - petroleum coke and asphalt coke - which are processed through more than ten processes. They have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, and good conductivity. In many fields, carbon materials are special materials that cannot be replaced by any metal or non-metal materials. At present, it has been widely used in many fields such as metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, machinery, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, new energy, military industry, sports equipment, biomedicine, etc. Electrode paste is an important carbon material, which has relative advantages in price and resistance performance compared to carbon electrodes and graphite electrodes. It is widely used in ferroalloy smelting and the calcium carbide industry.

Technological innovation promotes industry quality and efficiency improvement

Electrode paste is a conductive material used for electric furnace equipment such as ferroalloy furnaces and calcium carbide furnaces. It belongs to self cultivating electrodes and relies on the heat in the ore heating furnace to complete the roasting. Therefore, matching the consumption rate of electrodes with the roasting rate is the key to the use of electrode paste. The characteristics of the application industry have put forward different requirements for the large sintering performance, electrical resistivity, mechanical strength, oxidation resistance, conductivity, and safety performance of electrode paste. Numerous carbon industry technical experts have devoted themselves to the research and development of electrode paste quality improvement, striving to maximize the performance of electrode paste through active technological innovation to meet the needs of downstream users.